Sporting Clays FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is “Five Stand” Sporting Clays?
A: The game of Five Stand Sporting Clays is often called golf with a shotgun and is designed to more closely simulate actual hunting conditions.  There are five “stands” or stations to shoot from. There are 8 traps in the field that throw targets (clays) at different angles and trajectories.  Participants shoot in turn at 5 different targets at each of the 5 stands and various combinations of targets are thrown at each stand. There is a menu card at each station that will advise the shooter of the sequence of targets.

Q: I have never handled a gun.  Is this something I can do?
A: Absolutely!  We love new shooters!  We will teach you the skills you need to safely handle a firearm and start breaking clays!

Q: What does a “round” consist of?
A: A round is one box of 25 shells (bullets).  There are 8 different targets that each fly in a different direction.  Each shooter will be trained on the best way to shoot each target.

Q: How long will it take?
A: Well that depends… Brand new shooters will take 1.5-2 hours whereas very experienced shooters can shoot a round in 30-45 minutes.

Q: Are you open to the public?
A: YES!  Along with being a membership club we are also open to the general public.

Q: Can I bring my own gun?
A: Absolutely!  As long as you have a 12 or 20 gauge shot gun you are welcome to bring it!

Q: Do I need to bring my own gun, eye or ear protection?
A: NO.  We will provide you with everything you need to shoot!

Q: What is the youngest age that is allowed to shoot?
A: Shooters 12 years old and older are welcome to participate.

Q: Do I need any license or certification to participate?
A: Nope!  All you need to do is show up!

Q: What is the maximum number of people for one time slot?
A: Five.  Our five stand is set up for five shooters.  We recommend if you have a large party just call us and we will accommodate you!

Q: Do I need reservations?
A: We certainly recommend that you do.  You can just drop in and see if there is a spot open but space fills up fast so if there is a specific time you want to come, making a reservation is a sure way to guarantee your time slot.

Q: Can I bring my own ammo?
A: No.  You are only permitted to shoot ammo provided to you by KESC.

Q: Do you offer pistol or rifle shooting?
A: No.  At this time We are only permitted to shoot 12 and 20 gauge shotguns.

Q: Is there a dress code or anything specific I need to wear?
A: No, what ever you are comfortable in will be just fine. (As long as you’re wearing something!)

Q: Are there any restrictions?
A: Yes, Please read the Hawaii State Statute concerning prohibited possession of a firearm HRS 134-7