“Fully professional and fun! If you’ve never shot, more than worth the money for over an hours entertainment and tuition.”


“If you are looking for a “MUST” thing to do while staying on Kauai. THIS IS IT!!!”

-Junior D

“Ben was an awesome & patient instructor, encouraging us, giving tips & great instruction throughout the lesson. Would we do it again???? Absolutely! If you haven’t tried it, it’s something worth trying! This was one of our highlights of our trip here.”


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    Hawaii Adventure Center

    April 15, 2013

    Earlier this week I thought I would try an activity I have never tried before. I ventured into the world of Clay Shooting. Off of Maalo Rd towards Wailua Falls

    in Lihue, lays Kauai Eco Shooting Clays. A fun place I will be sure to return to another day. This is a great place for anyone who loves to shoot guns or who is wanting to learn.

    The check-in process was very simple. We had already signed up for an appointment and when we arrived Ben was waiting for us. We just had to read through a liability waiver and sign away. We were equipped with some vests that had padding on the
    shoulder and large pockets for our bullets. Each of us received a box of bullets to fill up our pocket and guns with. It was nice to know safety was a big priority at Kauai Eco Sporting Clays. We had a variety of safety glasses to choose from that were meant to protect our eyes and some disposable ear plugs to protect our ears from the loud BANG of our guns. After the check-in process we were off to our first stop.

    Learning to Shoot:

    Our first stop was where all the action started. Ben showed us how to handle, load, aim, and pull the trigger of our guns. He was very patient with us throughout the whole process. My sister hit the first target thrown up. I was lucky and hit the second or third thrown my way. At the first stop there is just one clay throwing station. It is a simple one for beginners like us to get some practice shots before the real fun begins.

    After the first stop you head on over to the area where the real fun begins. Here there are 4 or 5 different stands for people to shoot from. At this stop there are 8 areas the clay can be flying from. You really got to listen to all the advice Ben or the other instructors have to say here. Keep your cheek on the side of your gun, keep your eye on the clay, follow the clay and don’t pause… etc! We took turns shooting at all 8 of the different clay shootings. After we went through them all we started shooting pairs. You had to be quick and ready to focus on one flying clay after the other. I wasn’t able to shoot two in a row but had a blast trying.


    Before I did this activity with Kauai Eco Shooting Clays I thought this place was just for those who practice all the time or who have grown up shooting clays.

    I am happy to admit that I was wrong about this assumption. I was very pleased in the way that the two of us were helped and trained throughout our visit. It helped me feel like we were getting more than our money’s worth in the time that it took us to shoot one whole box of bullets and it made me feel comfortable and welcomed. The activity in itself was extremely fun but the welcoming feeling of the place is what will bring me back for more clay shooting.

    There is no dress code so no need to plan your attire for this event. This is an activity that you can show up to with the clothes you are wearing as long as you’re comfortable. The activity time is nice compared to other activities because it is only about two hours. This leaves you with plenty of time to hit the beach the same day. I would recommend Kauai Eco Shooting Clays to just about everyone I know. I also plan to bring my family the next time they are in town.

  • Chevron down LIHU‘E- Local Newspaper
  • LIHU‘E — As the flat disk launches into the air, the shooter lines up where to fire the shotgun. With a crack of the gun, the disk shatters in the air and a score is logged on a sheet.

    Kaua‘i Eco Sporting Clays opened this month on a 12-acre site in a remote valley in Lihu‘e.

    The 100 percent eco-friendly range is located on Ma‘alo Road, just up the road from the Kapaia Electric Power Plant.

    Calling it “golf with a shotgun,” owner Ben Ellsworth has several rules and regulations shooters are required to follow.

    The facility also provides 12- and 20-gage shotguns for shooters to use, but if local shooters are welcome to bring their own shotguns, they are strictly required to use biodegradable steel ammunition provided by the facility in order to eliminate the possibility of harming any animals or the environment.

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